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Online Course Categories

Information Technology

Maintenance of computers, software, networks, and systems to process, store, and distribute data.


Encompasses various categories including Finance, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Human Resources,.

Data Science

An Interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, algorithms, statistics, machine learning, Statistics and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science

Computing technologies, software development, algorithm analysis, data structures, computational theory.


Process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources—be it in the form of people, financial resources, or materials.

Personal Development

Improve self-awareness and identity, enhance quality of life, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Arts & Humanities

A broad field of study that explores the cultural, creative, and philosophical aspects of human experience, literature, history, philosophy, languages.

UX/UI design

Utilizing layout and composition techniques, graphic designers combine typography, images, and symbols to create visually engaging and impactful designs.

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